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Certification on Integrated Crop Management

Integrated Crop Management is a quality management system in the primary sector that aims to produce safe and healthy agricultural products, without pesticide residues, with rational use of water and fertilizers, with completely controlled and recorded procedures, without disturbing the environment, and in compliance with the legal requirements and standards.

Obviously the MarouliBest® solution follows the above principles. Apart, the MarouliBest® solution has move forward to the certification of either on IPM standards (eg GLOBALGAP) or on Food Safety Management Systems (eg HACPP, ISO 22000).

Benefits of Certification
Under the prism that the producer is a BUSINESS MAN and the greenhouse is an ENTERPRISE that subjected to the same rules as other companies, it is understandable that any intervention in the factors of production can yield significant benefits to the enterprise.
Certification is synonymous with Brand. Certification aims to build the confidence between the supply chain and the consumers.

Implementation of Certified Management Systems on Quality, Safety and Environment constitute the win-win situation for those who involved in (Grower, Agronomist, Trader, Exporter, Retailer and Consumer) and can lead the product to the readability and proximity through the whole supply chain, achieving the desired added value.
Both DKG Group and Grodan are associate members of GLOBALGAP. All given Guidelines are according to corresponding protocol and follow the principles of Good Agricultural Practices.


What can WE do

market research

Research on market to determine what varieties are attractive to the customer.

business Plan

Detailed Business Plan development according to your needs.

investment projects

Exploitation of possibilities offered by new investment projects.

schedule compliance

Adhering to the timetable for implementation of investment and faithful implementation of information related to productivity.

Hydroponic application

Guides for the preparation – installation of the new crop, nutrient recipes, instructions for water management, training, on site visits...


Exploitation of the existing know-how.


Continuous updating on productive issues related to its cultivation.


Choosing the right products to keep your plants healthy.


Standardization of products in attractive packaging.


Certification on agricultural practices (GLOBALG.A.P., ISO2000, AGRO 2.1 - 2.2).


Branding of products via advertising campaigns.




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